Bulk Down

As a vertical processor of feather and down, we search the globe, sourcing the best raw materials available. We purchase these raw materials from Europe, China and Southeast Asia, that address the quality, price, and business concerns of our customer’s products and needs.  These materials are then washed and processed in both facilities, located in Cincinnati and Asia where we carefully monitor the quality of the finished product. We have our washed lots of down tested independently to confirm the quality of our fills. All of the downs we wash and process are exceptionally clean and considered “hypo-allergenic” by industry standards ( Oxygen levels of 4.8 or lower and Turbidity levels of 500 mm or higher) and sterilized at 120 Degrees Celsius to eliminate all bacteria and contaminants. We have a feather and down sterilization permit issued by the state of Pennsylvania that allows us to import the raw materials from around the world.

We offer virtually every possible quality of feather and down fill available, from feather/down fills for the furniture and pillow industry, up to 850 Fill Power European Goose Downs that we use for our home textile products and also sell to the outdoor garment and sleeping bag industry.