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Cut and Sew


We take great pride in carefully crafting the materials and products that help your brand move forward. Our expert execution, from contributing our industry knowledge to the manufacturing of your design specifications, allows us to provide a full spectrum of private label cut and sew services. This expertise means you never have to worry about satisfying quality or brand standards. We pay close attention to every stitch and every cut to ensure it meets your specifications.

We take your custom fabrics and designs and create pillow shams, bed skirts, decorative pillows, duvet covers, table covers and more. We can also complete the project by adding the comforter or pillow inserts of your choice.

Please let us know what additional questions you have about our cut and sew services, including how we can meet your customization needs.



Your brand is important to us. Our fulfillment services are professionally executed in a manner that protects your brand and fulfills the expectations of your customers. Our proven experience and supply chain capacity delivers on time and on budget. We work closely with you to identify every step and every need to fulfill your distribution needs.



Our team is filled with restless energy and ambition. This drive help us work in a state of constant improvement, always looking to the future for solutions within but not limited to new products, processes or systems, that will help you deliver better products for your consumers.

We believe that innovation is more than the products or technology we offer. It’s about thoughtful evolution with a careful but heavy focus on ongoing sustainability. It drives us to continually improve our processes and applications to maintain the integrity of our product. From more efficient processes, to new high-tech machines, to high-performance product, we’re driven to be leaders in the industry and set the standards for quality, performance and innovation.